Stop Spam
If you're like 99.44% of the species Homo E-mailus, you get more spam in your email than you want - a lot more. You're probably getting more and more spam every day. You really can't stand it, but what can you do?

Sure, griping and complaining about spam makes you feel a little bit better, but it's kind of like complaining about the weather. It doesn't really help, but what can you do?

If there were inexpensive, easy, and effective strategies to decrease the spam being sent to you, and getting  through to your in-box, that would be one thing, but there aren't, so what can you do?

Well, pay attention! Because here are TEN inexpensive, easy, and effective tips that you can do to reduce spam: 

Hate Spam E-mail?
Ten Good Ways to Say "NO!"

  1. Don't post your e-mail address on web sites.

If you don't like getting phone calls from strangers, don't put your phone number on a billboard! The same principle applies to e-mail addresses. You think spammers can't find a web page with your e-mail address? Wrong! Spam is a multi-million dollar business, and they hire really smart techo-geeks. If they haven't already found you, they will soon.

  1. Get another e-mail address just for "junk mail."

For most people, you don't want or need them to e-mail you more than a few times. After you get the information you asked for or confirmation that your order went through, do you want them to keep sending you their "special offers" forever? Then why give them your "real" e-mail address? Use the junk e-mail address for short-term and casual contacts, and your real address for long-term.

  1. Don't be afraid to replace one junk address with a new one.

If a junk email address that you've been using for a while starts getting too popular with the spammers, dump it! Get a new address for junk email and leave all that spam being sent to the old address behind.

  1. Don't be so quick to give out your "real" e-mail address.

Do you really want to get email from this person or company?  Will you always want to get email from them?  Except for (some) family, (good) friends and your job (because you have to), the answer is usually, "no!" For the rest, or if you're not sure, use your junk address. You can always give 'em your real address later if there's a reason to.

  1. Don't use a common name for your email.

Every spammer builds (or buys) a list of likely e-mail addresses made from common names and words, like sales@, service@, info@, alice@, bob@, chris@, dave@, ed@, and thousands more. Then they program their little spamming computers to repeatedly send email to those addresses, automatically, 24/7. Unless you like spam, don't use an address they're already sending it to!

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