Stop Spam
If you're like 99.44% of the species Homo E-mailus, you get more spam in your email than you want - a lot more. You're probably getting more and more spam every day. You really can't stand it, but what can you do?

Sure, griping and complaining about spam makes you feel a little bit better, but it's kind of like complaining about the weather. It doesn't really help, but what can you do?

If there were inexpensive, easy, and effective strategies to decrease the spam being sent to you, and getting  through to your in-box, that would be one thing, but there aren't, so what can you do?

Well, pay attention! Because here are TEN inexpensive, easy, and effective tips that you can do to reduce spam: 

Hate Spam E-mail?
Ten Good Ways to Say "NO!"

  1. Does your ISP offer an Anti-Spam service?  Try it!

Most large and many small Internet Service Providers that also provide email delivery have some sort of spam filtering available. It may be minimal or fancy, it may be free or extra cost, but it's certainly better than using nothing at all. Decide for yourself if it's worth whatever time or cost is involved.

  1. Does your email program have Anti-Spam features?  Try it!

There are lots of different e-mail programs with lots of different features, but again, most will have some sort of spam-filtering feature. Is it worth using?

  1. Never, EVER, respond to Spam.

Don't click! Don't reply! Don't unsubscribe! And for pete's sake, don't ever buy! Any response tells them your email is real, so they'll send even more spam, and they'll probably sell your address! If that isn't bad enough, spam e-mail is often booby-trapped or infected with nasty computer diseases. If a package in your mail box looked like a pipe bomb, would you yank the "Pull for a Surprise" tab?

  1. Keep your computer healthy.

Spammers are not nice or honest. If they can get your computer to do their dirty work sending out spam, you can bet they will, especially if it's on your nickel. A good anti-virus program, regular security updates, and some basic caution will help keep your system from working for the enemy.

  1. Still too much?  Maybe commercial Anti-Spam is for you.

There are dozens of anti-spam programs and services available. Talk to your friends.  Find out what your employer uses.  If they like what they're using, it might help you. Their input will certainly help you save time.